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‘Information Literacy - the ability to find and use information - is the keystone of lifelong learning’ and this is the purpose behind the school library.

The library facility across the 3 branches of C.A is excellent. The mission of the library is to support research and curricular needs of the faculty and student body by providing a superb collection of books from facts to fiction.

The library upholds the highest standards of excellence with a well stocked library to cater to the needs of the students and the faculty. Newspapers, periodicals and magazines also take pride of place.

The fiction books are graded and issued to grades 3 to 8, during the library period every week. Books are also issued as per the interests of students. ‘Every reader his/her book’.

The library is also stacked with CDs, DVDs on curricular subjects for extensive reference and research. This proves beneficial to students using the library for their projects.

The school librarian plays an important role of a facilitator encouraging reluctant readers to engage in books; finds books that are of their interest. The librarian has also made the library a student-centered location, a haven for avid readers, a place of comfort and tranquility where students want to go.

Parents can through the E–Campus facility available on the website search for a particular book or periodical.

Our library is an ‘ever growing organism’ where there is a free flow of information for the expanding ‘global information’.

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