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How do I apply for admission at Children’s Academy?

Kindly refer to Page ‘Codes and Policies - Admissions & Withdrawals’ on the School website.


Can I apply for admission in all three branches to be on the safe side?

Parents need to apply only to the branch which caters to their area. Parents may contact the school office for further details.Due to acute demand for admissions; school reserves the right to reject the forms of children from other localities.


Can I look around the school premises?

It would not be possible for parents to take a tour around the school as it would disturb the study schedule of the students. Parents can visit the ‘Facilities ‘page on the website to get a reasonably good idea.


When do I submit the application forms? When will I know the outcome of the application?

The date of submission and the outcome of the application form are informed on the day when the form is being issued.


I will be away/not available on the day of submission of application/payment of fees for admission in Nursery. What do I do?

The submission of application form / payment of fee can be done by any person, authorized by the Parent.


My child already has a brother or sister (sibling) in our chosen school. Will my child get priority in admission on this basis?

Children of Ex-students / Sibling of Existing Students / Employee of Academy are given preference while granting admissions but this cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

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