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Establishing an institution as large as the Children’s Academy Group of Schools was definitely no small task. Four decades ago, when our founder Late Shri. V. V. Bhat dedicated himself to starting a school, his only weapons were his single-minded determination and the unflinching support of his late wife Mrs. E. V. Bhat, who was lovingly and respectfully called Madam Bhat.

Starting a school was indeed an uphill task. Though both families had an educational background, starting an institution in the city of Mumbai at that time was difficult. One of the prime issues was getting suitable premises for the school. It was at this time that Madam Bhat beautifully supported Bhat Sir. A mammoth task such as starting a school needs a lot of funding. While they tried their best to raise the required funds, including selling their apartment in Piramal Nagar, Goregaon, Madam Bhat insisted that they sell her personal gold jewellery to contribute toward the initial corpus. Bhat Sir and Madam Bhat mutually respected each other, and hence Bhat Sir accepted this proposal. This proved to be one of the greatest contributions toward starting the Children’s Academy Group of Schools.

Without complaint, Madam Bhat put up with all the trials and tribulations that Bhat sir had to face. She managed her household as well as the rapidly blossoming school with confidence. She was always present by her husband’s side, in good times and in bad, helping him shape the school with his ideals and aspirations.

While proving to be an able shoulder of guidance to her husband, Madam Bhat ensured that her own identity was established as well. She worked for a Czechoslovakian clock manufacturing company called HES Limited for 25 years. Always an able multitasker, Madam Bhat managed home, school and work to more than satisfactory levels.

People who have been touched by Madam Bhat, even in the slightest way, cannot forget her warm smile and compassionate countenance. She particularly loved smaller children, and her visits would mean a lot to boost the confidence of these children and their teachers.

Today, Madam Bhat is no longer with us. She has passed on to be with her husband in the other world, but her confidence and cheerfulness keeps on enlightening us. Over time, she proved herself to be an ideal to be emulated. The void she has left behind cannot be filled, but she has ensured that we have the right tools to carry on.

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