Children's Academy, Thakur complex

Today, the Children's Academy Group of Schools comprises of three huge educational institutions in the suburbs. The first school was established at Bachani Nagar, Malad East. This was followed by a branch at Ashok Nagar, Kandivali East, and then a third institution at Thakur complex, Kandivali East.

This was the last branch envisioned and planned by the founder of the Children's Academy Group of Schools, Mr. V. V. Bhat. An educationist to the core, Mr. Bhat wanted his unique educational pattern to reach out to the widest populace, and it was towards this end that he envisaged this school in the then upcoming Asha Nagar area. However, Mr. Bhat passed away in August 2001. Though he could see the plans of his third school passed through the authorities, he could not see the great heights to which the school has reached today.

The Thakur complex arm of the Children's Academy Group of Schools is the youngest of the three schools, but it is by no means behind its luminous siblings in any manner. A look at our achievements section will tell you of the numerous accolades that this school has gained over the years. Today, the school is ranked among the best schools at the citywide and the statewide level, which is not a modest achievement by any standards.

One of the strongest points of Children's Academy, Thakur complex, is that it is quick to implement changes and constantly keeps improving its methodologies. Teachers' training is a standard in all the branches of Children's Academy, and this branch of the school pays a lot of emphasis in this regard as well. As our educational modes change frequently, the school spares no effort in keeping the teachers abreast of the new methods.

The infrastructure used by Children's Academy, Thakur complex, is often used as a benchmark by new schools that are planning their own infrastructure. Fully multimedia-equipped classrooms, state of the art laboratories, two air-conditioned auditoria, and such other features make learning an enriching experience. Children's Academy, Thakur complex, is often chosen as the host school for several interschool competitions, as it is one of the few schools in the suburbs that can host events of a high magnitude.In 2012 , the school received an accolade that they have been ardently striving for over these recent years. The school got its affiliation from the prestigious ICSE council fulfilling all the difficult parameters set by the stringent ICSE Board.

Children's Academy, Thakur complex, has consistently proved that schooling is not just about academics. The school constantly finds itself not just in the front pages of newspapers but also on the last pages, that is, in the sports sections. The school truly believes in all-round development of the students, which is why the students can excel in almost every co-curricular and extra-curricular activity that they participate in.

Despite that, we can only say that for Children's Academy, Thakur complex, the journey has only just begun. With the help of our teaching and administrative staff, our students and their parents, we have a long way to go.

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