Children's Academy, Bachani Nagar

This maxim truly befits the late Mr. V. V. Bhat's life and deeds. Guided by his vision, Mr. V. V. Bhat laid the foundation of a school in a few rooms of a rented building. The only weapons this educationist used were his dedicated pattern of teaching, the diligence of his staff and the unflinching support of his students. With such raw materials, he laid an immensely strong foundation, which has today grown into the gargantuan institution known as the Children's Academy Group of Schools, a behemoth that houses 4500 students and uses the resources of 450 teachers and supporting staff.

The school at Bachani Nagar, Malad East, is today the parent institution of the Children's Academy Group of Schools. Its foundation was laid in 1970 in a very humble way in a few rooms of a residential building named Ishwar Bhavan. Soon, in 1979, Mr. V. V. Bhat acquired a plot of land in Bachani Nagar, where he erected a few classrooms. His family, students and staff members stood staunchly by his side as he took this next step.

However, his establishment suffered a great setback in May 1982, when the municipal authorities deemed that the operational school was an illegal structure and, without thinking twice, razed it to the ground. The students were shattered. The teachers became disillusioned. Even Mr. V. V. Bhat momentarily questioned the justice of the situation. But, this man who never said die, went on and built a makeshift school on the very same premises. Now wiser, he reapplied for all the necessary municipal permissions and was given those when the authorities were ensured that his quest was noble.

After this initial setback, there was no looking back for the school. Emboldened by the incident, Mr. V. V. Bhat and his staff dedicated themselves to make the school one of the finest in the vicinity. Within a few years, the handful of classrooms was not enough for the large number of students who wished to seek admission into the school. The school needed to expand, and it did under the capable guidance of Mr. V. V. Bhat.

In May 1986, the construction of a sprawling building began at Bachani Nagar. The seven-storied building, which was in a league apart even back then, was fully constructed in 1991, and thousands of happy students were shifted to brilliant new classrooms.

The focus of the school back then was academics. Students shone in all the examinations they appeared in. Children's Academy is one of the few schools today that boasts of 100 % SSC results for 28 times. Apart from that, in various other examinations, like the Hindi Rashtrabhasha, Marathi Scholarship, Elementary and Intermediate Drawing Examinations and so on, the students of this school have always excelled.

In 2000, Children's Academy, Bachani Nagar, acquired an adjoining plot of land, where it built another school building named as Smaranika. The two buildings share a common campus, and have a skywalk connecting them. Smaranika houses the ICSE classrooms and has two halls, which are used for many cultural events in which schools from across the city participate.

Today, Children's Academy, Bachani Nagar, keeps up its metier by constantly training its teachers in the newest methodologies. Teachers have been ably trained to move over from the 'talk and chalk' method of education to the more appealing audiovisual method of learning. They have been trained in handling students and discussing issues with their parents. Children's Academy, Bachani Nagar, has equipped each classroom with multimedia projectors and screens to make learning a truly enriching experience for the students. In 2012 the school added a feather its cap by getting the prestigious affiliation from the ICSE council in spite of very stringent norms of the council.

Children's Academy, Bachani Nagar, consistently ranks as one of the top schools of the city. Somewhere out there, our founder will be quite proudly looking at what we have achieved. His blessings continue to guide us, and motivate us to reach greater glories.

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